Skin Rejuvenation Treatment


Using a patented nano technology and technique to deliver a specific dilution of botulinum toxin, to areas of the face that cannot be treated with conventional techniques. While still allowing full movement of the muscle this treatment relaxes the skin to give a smooth elevated look.

The ultimate ingredient to this magic facial is botulinum toxin. The facial without the toxin is still a brilliant facial as the neo collagenesis still occurs without this ingredient.

In micro needling we utilise the body’s self-healing mechanisms.  It reacts to the intrusion of microneedles like it would react to any other skin penetrating object.  But the difference is that we use non traumatic lengths of needles.  The body senses that an injury has occurred and starts its healing process -these needles are thinner than a human hair and set at 0.6mm so tissue damage is unlikely. The healing process starts with a growth signal to the surrounding cells.  This stimulates the start of new cells such as fibroblasts that turn into collagen and elastin fibres.  The job of the fibroblasts is to move to the micro channels that were caused by the needles for wound closure.

Advantages of SKINTOX™ treatment:

  • Reduce fine line and wrinkles
  • Relax crow’s feet
  • Smooth skin under the eyes and around the mouth
  • Improves appearance of skin pores
  • Gives oily skin the boot
  • Improves sweating of the hands and feet
  • Deals with the signs of ageing on the back of hands, neck and chest area

A Skin- Tox™ facial consists of:

  • Numbing cream may be applied to certain areas of the face if requested 20 mins before cleansing.
  • A thorough cleansing of the face with a foam wash/cleanser
  • Disinfect the skin using an antibacterial solution or alcohol wipe
  • Cocktails added to the needling vial with or without antiwrinkle -botulinum toxin
  • Micro needling will commence with a few passes around the face, neck or area being treated.
  • Healing Mask applied post needling
  • After care will be discussed.